This hoping for the best stuff is really not working right n

This hoping for the best stuff is really not working right now. So my best friend, the only person i thought i could come out to is literally avoiding eye contact with me . We went out with our friends earlier and i was rly happy at 1st especially having that burdon out of the way even if its just to one person. So anyway needless to say it was horrible. At 1st it was really fun but then its like she suddenly realized she wanted nthn to do with me and whats weird is that she is the sweetest person alive i swear. I dont know how long this is gonna go on for but i hope it gets better soon or im gonna lose it ive already spent 10 years in hell and if the only person i thought would understand me couldnt then i dnt know who will. This freakin sucks i hate it i hate myself and i hate ppl im trying to be positive but where the heck am i supposed to get this much positivity !!! Now i wonder if everyone of my friends will be weirded out .. i dont know what to do now

I do not want to jump to conclusions, but I am guessing as coming out, you mean as homosexual. Sex is very special. It is giving away a part of yourself to confirm to the other how special they are. Not having sex in a committed relationship is like going to a concert, but being forbidden to go back stage. If your not concern with doing what is right (and most are not) then you should do what is your best choice. If it is only about your choice, why would you be concern with what others think. For example if you were an Ohio State fan, and had lots of friends who were Ohio State fans. If you decided you wanted to be a Michigan State fan, then you should make friends who are Michigan State fans. Yes, you are going to want to hold on to as many friends who are Ohio State Fans, but you have to realize they too have the right to make their own choice. If your different from your friends, and you do not want to be like those friends, make new friends. If your not concern with being right, be happy.

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@lonely55 ur right the thing is wrve been best friends for 9 yrs , how do u let something like that go because of something i cant change which is the fact that im gay , if there was anyone that could help me with this it was her. I dont know how to feel anymore