This is a great article on coping with chronic pain. In thi

This is a great article on coping with chronic pain. In this case it is physical, but much of what is said applies to mental pain as well:

"The most important, most difficult, most fundamentally frustrating thing is this: you simply need to accept that this is your reality, and move forward from there. "

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Thank you buddhabob for sharing this with us very good article. xo

Thank you for posting. I am new to chronic pain (1 year) and trying to let myself experience the stages of grief associated with chronic pain. I have recently accepted that my pain is chronic pain, and not something that is going to be fixed anytime soon. I've had all the tests, been to all the Dr's (and still going) and don't have a diagnosis yet. Accepting this has been really difficult, but also really healthy for me. It's an ongoing process. I also found a website called 'the mighty' that has a lot of good reads about chronic pain. I am new here, and would love to make some friends :)

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@Rebel_Lioness I’m in the same boat as you. 7 years undiagnosed but only the last couple with chronic pain.
I’m starting to believe that I have fibro, and trying to accept that this is what my body has become. Not the easiest thing to do.

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