This is a weird situation I've got a guy friend and I fee

This is a weird situation

I've got a guy friend and I feel really bad for him. I think he likes me but he is stuck in a relationship with another girl. They had a kid together a year ago (ironically as they were about to break up, I know this cause he was telling me, he gets a text shes pregnant). So hes stuck in this relationship.

She feels since he has a job she doesn't need one, and she doesn't even seem to like the kid. Dropping him off at her parents house whenever she can. I can tell she totally hates me cause she treats me like crap / ignores me / tries really hard to get her bf's attention whenever I'm around. Even in pictures they dont look happy.

I was over there early for a party (he picked me up) & I helped set up / take care of the kid while his gf just sat and complained about being tired and refusing to do anything. One of his roomates even commented that he looked happier around me than he did his own gf.

I don't feel its my place to say or do anything cause that would confirm her 'suspicion' that i like him or something (i don't really have feelings for him but if he said to hang out i wouldn't object). I just don't want to be the cause of anything rash

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Don't get into a situation where you get in the middle of an explosive relationship, personally, it doesn't seem worth it!

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@CKarma Okay thanks for giving input.