This is how I feel everyday

This is how I feel everyday

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awww...what does the right panel mean? Are you getting help to treat the depression? I remember how it made me feel many years ago....just wanted to tell you if you don't already know it is treatable! =)

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@TennisPlayer this is a page from a really cool book written by a girl with depression and anxiety. The comic is showing herself asking herself in the other panel why she isn’t doing anything and she responds with “I don’t want to do anything more than I don’t want to hate myself” and that really speaks to me. I’m constantly telling myself I need to be getting out of bed and doing stuff but then I just tell myself I suck and go back to sleep. And yes, I am taking meds

@TennisPlayer I hope to one day be free of all this medicine! But right now I have to stay on it. I’m actually not that depressed, I just really related with that comic. I have a vision for my future now and I’ve accepted that it’s ok to be different, but sometimes it bothers me.

@TennisPlayer the biggest thing in trying to do is to stay out of bed longer. When I get depressed I tend to just want to sleep the day away so I at least try to stay awake even if it just means playing video games

this is so true i actually notice when i dont eat all the processed foods that i feel better i am more alert even if i am homebound but it does work