This is my first post. I have recently been diagnosed with P

This is my first post. I have recently been diagnosed with PTSD, though I have always suspected I have it. I am afraid. Will I ever gain control again? Did I ever have control, or was it all a facade?

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Well, first things first. Instead of using fear or being afraid, you should armor yourself with knowledge to deal with PTSD and other things in life. And instead of saying control, it's better to steer your life in terms of it being manageable rather then control, this because it's not a good exit point to want to be in control of everything, since there are so many factors in life that we are not in control of, we only frustrate ourselves if we try to exert control over things that we don't have control over. Instead we look at the things we can do instead of the things we cannot do.

So the starting point in your road to recovery is the psychiatrist, and if you cannot afford that you dive into reading self help books about PTSD to start recovering.

May i recommend a book?

It's called: The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

(ps i am not earning money from this, only trying to help)

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Thank you darketernal!