This is my first post on this page but but I feel it is prob

This is my first post on this page but but I feel it is probably one of those nights. I am a 17 year old girl struggling with severe asthma depression suicide and probably alcoholism. Today my mom kind of realized that my asthma has taken more of my life then she knows of and how I've given up my entire childhood and all my future dreams because of my asthma. My dream job since I was a child is gone because of my asthma All My Life's activities like bike riding up a Mountain hiking and even my past job of Lifeguarding is over. Does anyone else relate to this when I say that I don't feel like my life is worth it if I'm not able to live the life that I've always dreamt of?

Who said you can't ride bike or hike? Maybe just a mater of picking place, time and speed. I will add too that these activities usually give way to other things in life like careers, education, loves, raising a family.
Some lucky people can still work them in however many, many will never. I will urge you not to give up just be creative in your range. See

Previous poster is correct. As long as your asthma is under control you can do all kinds of sports. In fact, doctors encourage it. Hugs.

No wonder you struggle with anger, you have some serious things going on and have been going on for a long time. Has your mom mentioned anything about getting you counseling? If not it would be good to look into that for starters. It would be depressing not being able to do so many things that you would love to do. Its a loss, anyone in a situation likes yours would feel the same. You will probably go through a grieving process. I think it would be good for you to read up on grieving too so you will have a better understanding of your emotions. Just know maybe not right now but in the future you can start exploring other things that you are able to do and enjoy. You may not be able to mountain hike but you can walk and probably ride a bike among many other things. Things can and will change around for you. I think I seen you posted under BPD? That is going to affect your emotions too. Finding and building a good support system will be very important for you. Its going to take some time but if you work hard at doing things to help yourself things will continue to get better. I'm sorry you even have to deal with all of this. What are some things that you are able to do that you enjoy? Make a list of those things and keep building on them. You might want to find AA meetings in your area too if you are having troubles with alcohol that can be another support system because it isn't just about not drinking..its what cause a person to drink so its a place to meet other people who have life struggles and can give you support. Even if you just find someone from the meetings you could talk and message with if you couldn't actually go because of covid. I wonder if your Dr. Has any other teen patients that have asthma? One idea is you and your mom could discuss it and maybe you could ask your Dr if he or she would give your name and contact info to them. That way you could have someone to talk too that knows what its like to live with asthma. You need help and support and love to get through this.

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@Littleturtle1000 thank you so much 4 your response i will look in to some of those things