This is my first post so I guess I'll give you some backgrou

This is my first post so I guess I'll give you some background. Im 18 years old and I'm a college student. Ive been with my long distance boyfriend for a few months. We met in person and have visited each other a few times since. It started out great, we were so wrapped up in each other and made each other happy. Then just about a month ago he started ignoring me sometimes, he wouldn't talk to me as much, we started fighting almost everyday but he would always blame it on me. He made me feel like the crazy one. Like i was needy and that i over reacted to everything. My friends all tell me I don't deserve the way he treats me. I know i should break it off but i love him so much i just cant yet. Sometimes he is sweet and makes me feel loved and other times he tears me down and makes me feel like nothing. He falls through on commitments and ignores me most days. I cry almost everyday because of him but I love him too much to let him go.

If you have been "intimate" with him, his pursuit is over. If not, it sounds like he has given up on arguing to 'fix' the issues.

It sounds like you run into a Narcissist/ sociopath. My husband is one. You have been love bombed. This is apart if the acid to control and abuse you. Seek counseling to get over him.
If not you will be in for a ride of emotional & psychological ups & down. It has been 8 months & I am healing from the turmoil.
Please know that you deserve to treated better. You have to love yourself worth better than the abuse. You are being abused! Get help.

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