This is my story, so it al started when I was watching a TV

This is my story, so it al started when I was watching a TV show where there where some attractive men, I noticed at first but didn’t pay attention to it, then I started to have thoughts like why am I noticing this guy?, and then it all began. I started to notice attractive guys at my school and the feeling was very uncomfortable, like if I wanted to look but I didn’t want to, and it became very confusing. This went by for a week, and it couldn’t stand it, I felt that I was not normal like before and became very worried and very anxious because I still had all of these weird thoughts. After the first week, I tried to not care about these thoughts and I felt good like half of the time and the other half I had some of the thoughts and started to feel anxious but relatively less than before. Now it is almost the second week and I believe I have somehow handle a bit of the problem but then again I still notice some guys when they are some what attractive. I get very anxious because before I started to think like this I didn’t even notice men, I looked at them as I they were neither ugly nor attractive. Today I got a bit tipsey and went to a place where there were plenty of men and women, I noticed very hot girls and I liked them but then some how the thoughts entered my head again and then instead of looking at the girls, I noticed more the guy than the girl, like if there was a couple I would look more to the guy than to the girl, and these made me feel very weird and now I am writing this because I don’t know what to do, I still want to make out with a girl while I am drunk and I become very aroused by one, but my mind can not think clearly when I go out becaue when there is some guy I feel weird and start to think, do I like the way this guy looks? What if I am really guy and I pretend to look at girls because I am living a lie? . Is this HOCD or am I really gay?

It sounds like HOCD

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@Parent18 Thanks for answering, I appreciate it.

Hi it sounds very like Hocd. I would recommend going to see your doctor and try get therapy. I would also.recommend an article I'm gay your not which hopefully you will find helpful. Take care. I wish you well xx

@Simpsonsfan1982 That article only works so well though if you’ve already been in with the thralls of it for a while IMO. Plus you don’t want to keep reading it for reassurance.

I'm sorry l just thought it might help :)

Yep and for most it probably does. :)

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