This is the biggest support group on here. While I’m a par

This is the biggest support group on here. While I’m a part of it and am so thankful for all the help. It makes me sick. They’re good people to don’t cheat and don’t become scumbags. Yes I took my cheating husband back, thank doesn’t make it ok and we don’t forget. I hope they don’t either

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Taking your husband back, doesn't mean what they did was ok, it means you love them more than your ego. Not forgetting is a bi product of what they have done, but it doesn't mean you as the forgiver, should hold it over their head eternally if they are truly contrite, repentant and have made retribution. It's like a loan. They cheated and owe you, but once that debt is paid it should be forgiven and you move forward. You still own it, but you shouldn't have to pay over and over again. You have owned the deed to you heart while he paid for his indiscretion. What is the price you put on winning it back? It's not something he needs to perpetually owe and pay on. If you can't come to terms with it, then either you need to seek professional help to understand why you can't move on, or just move on. Marriage is a two way street and if he is constantly putting forth the effort then he will tire of it and it will cause dissension. You feel you did him a favor by taking him back and he owe you, but this isn't a healthy environment for a loving relationship. Think about what you want in your life, because it is too short to be feeling anything but happiness, love and fun.

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March 30th here!

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28th anniversary is November 2018. I feel so greatful to be able to celebrate it.its been a whirlwind year, one I never saw coming......and I’m happy to wake every day and be able to go one living with the love of my life. My dday 1 year is also coming, December 15.

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