This may sound really crazy but

Can someone please help !! When I do laundry my mind tell's me that the clothes that I am washing are not clean that there is germ's still on the clothes, if I feel that something is not clean I will re-wash it until I feel that it is clean.
I know this is really nuts and it is a waste of money, but I can't seem to shake those thoughts. Does anyone else have this experience or know any tips that might help?


I was diagnosed two months ago with OCD and I am seeing a therapist ( I forgot to mention that in my post).
I dont actually hear voices, but I have these nagging thoughts that my clothes are still dirty after they have been washed the first time.
It doesnt happen all the time when I do laundry, most of the time I can toss them in the dryer and be ok. I have been having some anxiety issues this week I thought maybe it could be because of that.
I was just looking for some support and maybe I thought someone might have some tips or advice. That is the whole purpose why I came here .

I am familiar with that kind of repetitive cyclical thinking where you just covered something then do it again or that it was not done, like for me checking the mailbox. OCD is debilitating like in the movie As good as it gets with lots of strange things you must do to cope, some more than others. Mine is medium but can get bad some days, It is an imbalance in chemicals and the nuerotransmitters from what I was told, my zoloft helps. But yeah, I am here for ya, God loves you and so do we.

no cutting and pasting sorry

Morgan and Michelle, Today was my 5th visit to my therapist and we did discuss some of those issues today. OCD can cause you to do those things, I learned that today its a repeative thing like Mark had said in his post. Thank you for your help.
Mark T., Thank you for posting and for the support, today was a little easier for me. I have been without my medicine for over a year now b/c of finanical problems ect. but I have a appointment to see a doctor this next week.
Thanks everyone !


you got it, doing it without meds is a tough road, the same one I been on for ten years, that is until 30 days ago.
Lord bless you and keep you.

Thanks Mark,
I am looking forward to getting back on my medication. Ive seen a diffrent person in me that I really dont like at all. When i was taking my medication regulary I felt much better and more myself. Thanks for talking with me it means a great deal.

don't I know it, it can be lonely being me, you know? You don't talk about this stuff except to a doctor and they are not in your head with you so they do not quite get it.

I know what you mean. It is lonely at times b/c no one knows what you are thinking or feeling but you. And you are right even doctors dont always get it.

Morgan and Michelle,
I am glad that this post might of helped you. OCD is repeative habits ex: washing hands.
I think it doesnt hurt to have things checked out, I never thought in the world that picking your skin would be part of OCD, my Dad has done that for years and It made me wonder if maybe thats where part of mine comes in.
I think I have a worse case then most people (in my family) b/c they dont have the problems that I do, of course everyone is diffrent :).
Good Luck to you !

I understand how you feel Shadow. I have been dealing with OCD and hypochodriasis (health fear) mine gets so bad at times I become paralyzed with fear, loss of appetite all I can do is stay in bed until it passes. I'm constatly looking for reasureance, whenever I get sick I'm at the dr's immediately. I probably as bad as they get I drive my famiy and friends crazy because they don't understand. Some of my health fears are rational some aren't. It's funny but I have no fear of germs or getting sick it's when symptoms of something scary crop up then I go off the deep end. Been on meds that work and some that dont. A good ocd med that's been around for a while that was actually made for ocd (only drug known for just ocd) called Luvox I have had good luck with it you just can't stop taking like I do when I'm feeling better. Know this what you have is completely normal for people dealing with OCD and is the most common you are'nt crazy ...hang in there and if I can help in any way ask. I've become a student of my disorder...

Thankyou so much for your post. It gives me much reassurence that I am not going crazy. I to drive my family crazy. I am all the time asking my husband if something does or does not have germs on it just as an example say like a t shirt.
I have such an obsession with germs that sometimes I think it is going to drive me completly crazy. I am constantly washing my hands or I live in fear that there is germs on something that I am going to get sick from.
I even panic with the thought of even going to a doctors office. I was on Lexapro and then Celexa, and depakote and with the 2 combine (not together but taken as prescribed) I felt alot better and it seemed that my anxiety subsided.
I go to the doctor next week to get back on my medication, I have been off over a year b/c of financial problems and I dont have any health care, I found a free clinic here that helps me with therapy and my medication.
But I am going to as the doctor but some medicine for OCD, the Lucvox you mentioned.
Thank you for your input and I would like to talk to often about this if thats ok.
Thanks Shadow

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