This morning I woke up at 4:16am crying. I had a nightmare

This morning I woke up at 4:16am crying. I had a nightmare from my H having an affair. In my dream he had sex with the OW several times and didn't feel bad at all. My H mother was on it also and was defending him for what he was doing. This is the first time I ever had a nightmare like this. Is it normal ? I want to tell him but I know he would just laugh at me. Should I mention it to see his reaction? He said they didn't have sex but I'm not so sure.

Idk if I would anything like it would just depend on my spouse for mine I probably wouldn't I would see it as a sign that he did something wrong.

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@prettyc212 that is what I felt, maybe subconsciously my mind is telling me he did, or it could be the fear of it.

These kind of night mares are normal. It depends all on your fears and how painful they are. Depending on your personality some fears manifest in your dreams. It still happens to me after all those years.

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@wanderlust76 how many years has it been for you? Will it be a normal for me now?

I always wondered when my 1st W did something new I'd wonder where she got that idea from. Sadly she was cheating on & off for 13 years with the same guy.

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@Brokenandblued I am so sorry. I can’t even look at my H , I hardly even talk to him. I am conflicted on telling him about my dream then I think why even bother because he doesn’t even care. I’m taking you have found love again and moved on? Are you still traumatized from what your first wife had done? How long ago was it?

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