This past week has been very productive

I was able to get something positive out of every appointment I had this week, I reached the goals I set (nothing huge) lol but a lot short term, smaller goals .
The larger goals I have made myself aware of and will plan them better as I go along.
I feel so much better right now compared to 1 month ago,
A month ago I was losing it, I can honestly say today I am regaining it (My Life) !

All of your work is paying off, I am proud of you and your determiation. Glad everything is working out for you.

Way to go, I prefer baby steps myself. :)

baby steps , lol i am taking baby steps i twisted my ankle earlier this afternoon. one of my fav movies
“what about bob” / and “groundhogs day” lol.

ouch spraining an ankle is a tough way to force yourself to take baby steps. take care of that ankle and keep making progress.

thanks stormfan10 , i will