This thanksgiving is the first one without my mom. She passe

This thanksgiving is the first one without my mom. She passed on July 2nd. This was her favorite holiday and always held fond memories for me. Now it's a painful reminder. I miss her so much, and I just want to know she's ok.

My sympathies. It's the second for me since my mom died. I truly believe it gets easier, i know it may not help much right now, but you might try thinking to yourself that the pain of today will never be repeated at quite this strength.

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@Northguy thank you, I’m sorry about your mom. Its an experience I wasn’t prepared for, dont know how anyone could be.

I know it is hard to go about the holidays without our loved ones. But just remember that their spirit is with you.

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Wow, I'm so sorry :/ I think we have to grateful for what we can, I'm grateful my mom didn't suffer or go through chemo. We found her liver was failing the day she went in for her chemo. Then she passed that night. Her first, initial Dr visit was June 10th and she passed July 2nd. If you ever need to talk, u can message me. I'm sorry again about your mom.

@EmilyGrace same to you, and welcome to the site, hope it helps you to be here.