This Week Nov 8-15

I think the goals idea really might have been putting a lot of pressure on people to not disappoint anyone. That wasn't the purpose of the exercise...

I think it's important if you are going to place goals for yourself that they be ones that can be achieved. Do not set ones that are unreachable as this just leads to feelings of being a failure and thats not at all what I want this to be about.

My GOAL for this week:
Try to accept me for me.

That's a great goal, Gina. Thanks for the reminder about not setting unreachable goals- I tend to do that sometimes.
My goal for this week is to weigh myself twice a day. Last week it was only once a day, but I felt like a failure because I never could manage. It's 1 pm and I've only weighed myself once.. hopefully I can manage to only do it once more. That alone is really good for used to be like ten times a day!

Awesome Chelsea....and I bet it didnt budge from the panera now did it? :)

gina--this is so true...

we have to try the goals we feel we can do...

great goal gina!!!!!!!!


No, it was only .3 pounds more. I was really relieved!

Told ya chelsea!

i have two goals:

one is to talk to my doctor and see if there is anything i can do to help with getting more food for our house.

two is to be positive


Haven't weighed myself again today even though I've been home, with the scale right here, for six hours. It's been hard but I'm happy! Isn't it funny how a stupid, insignificant thing like a scale can how such power over me?

Hi,everybody. Why don't you check Right food is the first thing. The second - it doesn't matter how much you weight but how you look. Third -skinny or fat like and cherish yourself until you get medium. Forth -chant positive statements everytime you don't have nothing to do - like: I'm calm, I'm pretty, I'm nice, I'm happy etc. The broken record positives may lift your mood and stop the obsession with eating, not eating, weighting yourself and such. wish you luck.M.K.

Very true Gina!