This week's newsletter from SG, it's a good one. Dear Amazi

This week's newsletter from SG, it's a good one.
Dear Amazing Members,

Has life seemed to lose its sparkle? Remember when you were younger, you couldn’t WAIT to be a “Grown Up!” You could eat what you want, go to bed when you wanted to, dress how you wanted, but then you become an adult and realized, WAIT just a moment, “Adulting” is HARD WORK!

There is so much pressure to do more, to accomplish more, to be MORE and it becomes exhausting. Here at Team SupportGroups, something we have been thinking about lately is the term Grace. It is often referred to in a religious sense, but it is such a great word! It means elegance, refinement, knowing just what to do at just the right time, but in its new definition of sorts, it means extending patience, kindness and acceptance to yourself and others.

Life should be like an Opera or a powerful musical performance, it should have it's amazing Highs and rumbling Lows, no performance is ever comprised completely of heartracing, get up in your chair and dance, music. It takes you on a journey, it makes you feel, it makes you laugh and sometimes, it makes you cry. Basically, the perfect metaphor for life.

Extending Grace to yourself can be as simple as forgiving yourself, that may not actually be simple, but it should be. We all make mistakes, some bigger than others, but perfection is not in the cards for any of us, so why slave to reach a goal that we will die trying to reach?

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the here and now? Let’s endeavor to extend Grace to ourselves, to those who struggle with addiction, acknowledge that the addiction itself has no power over you anymore, that you are worthy enough to break the chains you have shackled yourself with. Grace in this situation means reaching out for professional help, posting your need for support and working hard everyday to say NO.

For those in troubled relationships, extend Grace to yourself and to your partner or spouse. Acknowledge your individual failures and decide to work on this partnership or to disband, either way, try to see each other as when you were first in love, they are not the enemy, but a person you either do, or once cared about, deeply.

In this world of faster, better, smarter, NOW, let’s try to slow down, because isn’t that what Grace is all about, being graceful, not being crazed and rushing and enjoying everything!

Our lives are way too short to measure our progress by trends, our greatest gifts may not be magazine worthy, but if we can show ourselves and others compassion, then we will embody Grace and we assure you, your life will be better and more fulfilling.

Keep Posting, Keep Supporting!

All the best-
Team SupportGroups

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There was an album I loved called "Passion, Grace and Fire" with John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, and Al di Meola that really inspired me to learn to play the guitar. I can't think of the word "Grace" without thinking about the music. What does *grace* mean to you?