This will be a rough nite to stay clean

This is going to be tough. Around 9 months clean, and last night, worked around 14 hours. Tonight, starting in a few mins and figure I’ll be working until 5am or so. Having to entertain guys for that long, keep my energy up, look like I’m having fun and enjoying them touching me and everything else they do…makes me want to puke. But, it’s my job. Just had to vent, hope yall have a good, safe, fun and healthy new year.

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My wife wants a divorce. I have been upset for so long trying my best to hold down a job. I think i finally gave up on life. I don’t know if there is a second chance for me after this. I don’t know i am really down internally.

You should not do what makes you unhappy. I get that you’re doing your sister’s favour to get cash from sex to pay for college fees, but there are alternative ways to help your sister keep up with her studies. I have not had a job yet, but I’ll probably get to this summer since I’ll be 20 in July, but hey, I’ve got to live for myself and I do what makes me happy. You should too.

try to get a job with an 8th grade, more or less, education. No way can I afford a place to live, buy food, put money in her college fund on even 2 min wage jobs.

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You can’t? Does Mexico have problems with people not applying for decent jobs?

They have a good school system I think. Most good jobs go to people born there, lots of europeans work here. I’m kinda like the people in america that came in from Mexico that don’t have papers. Just shit jobs. Plus, the money I make here is really pretty good. And doesn’t cost a lot to live here

Wow, that’s great! It’s amazing how you’re able to keep everything stable, that’s really impressive.

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It really is. I like working here, even tho my Spanish sucks, I feel like I fit in. Quit the massage parlor after a day and a half. 1st day was great. Busy, like really busy and able to keep my clothes on. Next day, not as busy, then all of a sudden, they expected more that I was willing to do, and for the same pay or less. Took my $$ and left. I’m now working 2 motels, both keep me pretty busy.
How are you holding up? Were the holidays ok…for me, puts me in a depression, I hate them.

It went fine for me. I passed my second exam two days ago, so that made my day. Have four more to take. First one was super easy, because we had to create our own Christmas performance and we all passed. The second was presenting our own business plans, which was something I was really shitty at, but thankfully, mom and sister helped me out, so that worked, eventually. Right now, it’s the exam’s session, but we don’t get to go to college lol.

You’re not Native Spanish? I’m guessing that you’re an immigrant. And what is it that holidays bring you misery?