This year I told my self that I would work on getting over m

This year I told my self that I would work on getting over my marriage and all the things he's done but they will affect me for the rest of my life! Being walked out on. Having herpes from him, and never being able to have kids again.. What else do I have to offer someone else at 23?

Herpes does not prevent you from having a relationship or several for that matter and kids, this is far from a death sentence.

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@CKarma it’s not the herpes that stopped me from having kids. I had an Iud after having my first child and because my husband was being with other women I caught a serious case of pid and they told me it’s no way I can have kids Cus it’s really messed up my fertility

Sometimes miracles do happen so don't give up on having your own children. and even if you don't there are plenty of single men who have children you can welcome them into your arms

@lisajd thank you I have to just learn to move forward.

You can choose to move forward or be happy not to do so. Things take time but you have to do the work.

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I know that you feel sad right now. But your life is not over. You will have to have time to heal from this situation. Take time to really decide what you want from life and if you allow yourself, you will fall in love again. Your life is not over. Please keep up hope. I would suggest finding a support group in your area, spending time with a friend or family that you can trust or engaging in an activity that takes your mind away for a little while. Good luck!

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