Though my boyfriend has not yet been diagnosed, we were both

Though my boyfriend has not yet been diagnosed, we were both pretty certain when the small bump appeared. It's no big deal, right? HPV. Genital warts. A common byproduct of reasonable promiscuity. I know this is very hard on him, so I've tried to be strong for him. Perhaps it's selfish of me to feel the way I do, but I've been struggling.

You see, though my boyfriend and I have been together for four years, we broke up for a few months about two years ago. I've done the research. I understand that it's no big deal. But to me, it's a reminder. A reminder of the time we spent apart, and the girls he slept with. More than a reminder, it's an offense, an affront, an insult. I feel like you put us in danger, put me in danger, with your careless choice in partner and refusal to use protection.

It's no big deal. HPV. Genital warts. But what else might have come with it? Some HPV can cause cancer. Some HPV can cause infertility. I know those months apart were hard, and you made some bad decisions. But, I can't help but feel resentment towards you for putting me and us in this position.

I know this is worse for you... And I'm so sorry. That's why I can't say any of this to you. I love you, but this is hard to face in silence.

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