Thought for the day - Less Is More F ear less

Thought for the day - Less Is More

ear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Hate less, love more and all good things are yours.

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I much like this - thank you.

I disagree. Sometimes you CAN'T choose how you feel. You feel how you feel. Sure it's not fun to feel horrible -- but it's part of life. A dear friend pointed out to me that if I wasn't depressed, anxious and generally feeling awful - as a response to being fired twice in one year and running out of money.... I'd be weird. This was, she said, a NORMAL response. You get through it by feeling it. Abide aside the feeling. It will pass. Like feelings do but I think that running from feelings is not the way to go. Then people start to self medicate because they can't manage to have the feelings of peace and happiness that they want to have.

@LizaBLUE I reads Kaamini to agrees with all you says ---- onlie to says to think for the positive and not all ways dose we has the choice but for to thinks like for this is more helpfull.