Thoughts are not always true

I have not suffered the form of OCD in which intrusive thoughts make people afraid they will do something dangerous or harmful to someone they love. However, something I did learn recently, which was a revelation to me, is that thoughts are not the truth. You don't have to believe everything that you think. Therefore you can label a scary thought for what it is, just a scary thought that might not be true. When you have a scary thought, just say to yourself, there's that scary thought about hurting someone again. And then think about something else. OCD loves it when you believe your scary thoughts. So give OCD a kick in the butt by not reacting to those thoughts with fear. Just acknowledge that the thought came into your head, that you did not think of it on purpose, and it's just a function of the OCD, and OCD is not YOU. Label the thought for what it really is. I hope this might be helpful to someone and that I am not way off the mark here.

It was helpful yes :) And it is a method that has worked quite well for me at times. Other time it gets a little more intense, but I keep useing that method over and over until it subsides. (the instrusive irrational thought that is).

I have scary thoughts about hurting myself, and about hurting others, It is terrifying it causes me to panic alot, I want them to go away

Yeah, I similar to you feel these troublesomely destructive thoughts also; I know they're irrational so there need not be a response or definitive anwer to these thoughts but to overcome them by ignoring their existence. I don't know the genesis of these thoughts or why they are so incessant. I'm not sure there is a permanent and long-lasting ''cure'' for these obsessive thoughts, but I don't relinquish my will to search and strive for the attainment of inner-peace.

“Beware the irrational, however seductive.''- Christopher Hitchens

Thanks for the validation..I have struggled with this issue for several years and used marijuana as a diversion/escape long after it ceased to work. I am recently coming clean of the marijuana and gaining motivation to fight this battle head on. I feel much stronger with support and I am very grateful that my OCD hasn't completely taken over my life. It's a very private part of myself but I know that shame is a reinforcer and I need to learn to be more open.