Thoughts from a recovered person from an eating disorder: "

THOUGHTS FROM A PERSON WHO FULLY RECOVERED FROM AN EATING DISORDER: "You could say that the biggest key to my recovery was learning how to take care of myself in a real way, instead of starving and always trying to lose weight, I began to value always delving deeper, peeling the layers of the onion, and finding the "root" causes to my behaviors, and the feelings that had to come out." The question might be "What am I supposed to do with all these feelings?" The answer is "feel them."

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Once you know your feelings and then feel your feelings. What do you do next? That's my problem learning how resolve my feelings so they can go away.

@Jdyankee I think the goal is to become more aware of your feelings not to banish them. Your eating disorder thrives when you attempt to suppress your feelings as that is a common cause of bingeing. Better to allow the feelings and develop your strategies to avoid eating to suppress those uncomfortable feelings. As you focus on your uncomfortable feelings, you will learn to continue to peel your psychological onion to find the “root” cause of those feelings. Your job then is to slowly deal with those root issues.