I honestly wish for one day, just one minute, my brain would shut off with no damage, and I could just stop worrying about every small thing in my life. Last night I laid down after taking my new medication, and stayed awake for hours worrying about the smallest things. I have already preplanned my husband birthday and it is in April. I cannot begin to think that I could stop thinking. My mind is going crazy, and I am trying to stay normal.

Sometimes, we wish that all of our plans will run smoothly, therefore we worry about it. Say a prayer and have faith, everything will work out well. God bless you.

Thank you Marcie! With God all things are possible, and as much as I pray I would think it would help, but for some reason it just don't :(

I am the same exact way & have been for a very long time. I have asked a Dr. for help because I suffer from insomnia and I can't fall asleep and when I do, I only sleep for 4hrs a night & that's not enough. He put me on a mild sedative which helps but not 100%. I have tried meditation with no sucess.

Keep your head up and if you are still having problems, I'd check with your Dr.

Thank you purple325! My therapist started me on Celexa she claims it will help with my anxiety, depression, and borderline personality disorder. She claims bc of my anxiety is why I'm not sleeping, we will see. My brain still doesn't seem to be shutting off.:(