***Tigger Warning*** Poem thing I made up: She woke up thi

***Tigger Warning***
Poem thing I made up:
She woke up this morning feeling horrible again,
Trying to help herself, but instead she helps a friend.
Walking in the cold, with nothing but a blouse,
She leaves the place that she can not call a house.

When she walks in the school, she immediately turns bright,
even though she tried, to kill herself last night.
No one seems to notice, that she’s falling everyday,
and she’s getting close, about to take her life away.

But her simple little smile, and a laugh so soft and fun,
Hide’s he pain and suicidal thoughts, of grabbing that black gun.
She only wishes someone cared, the way she did for her friends,
Before she completely gives it up, and lulls her life to an end.

“Keep your thoughts and feelings hidden, no one will ever care,
if you died, wouldn’t matter at all, they wouldn’t even know you’re not there.”

The thoughts in her mind tell her to leave, but she can’t find a gun to finish the deed,
she wants to make sure that she is dead before she decides to leave.

Don’t you fear, and don’t you cry, don’t shed another tear,
I guess if you wanted her to stay, you should have noticed her pain when she was here.

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I like your poem. It flows well and is written very beautifully. :)

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Im sorry for your pain. I understand the desire of wanting people to care. Your poem effectively communicated your struggles and anguish.

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Thank you both :)