Time for an update on how I am feeling about plastic surgery

Time for an update on how I am feeling about plastic surgery. I truly have my heart set on that rhinoplasty to thin out my nose and getting a chin implant to lengthen out my face and I almost set on having my reconstruction surgery, but I am now debating getting breast implants. I've been hearing so many mixed opinions on them and how they can cause problems with breast feeding. I've also recently bought a low cut dress that actually makes my breasts look good and it's making me reconsider things. I've always been wondering to myself if there's more surgeries I needed, like a brow lift or something. This is my year for the ultimate self-improvement because I really need it. My appearance has always poorly affected my success rate in dating, having confidence, and my overall happiness.

The nose jobs turn out well. Do you really need a longer chin though? All that pain and expense. Try the underwire push up bras first....they make you feel great.

@Dana15 I feel like I do, yes. I’ve always had quite a round, chubby face and so to lengthen my face, a thinner nose and longer chin help. As for the bra thing, I’ve worn plenty of push up bras in my life like I am sure a lot of women have. Having larger breasts would make me feel more feminine and would make me appear to have a full hourglass figure like I wanted. Is it wrong to want these things? It feels like you’re trying to talk me out of it.

Perhaps it would be useful to stagger things out, so say, get the surgery you're most certain about first, and then see how that affects your confidence and happiness, and if it helped but not enough, go for the next one, and if it helped enough save your money for something else, and if it didn't help, then consider whether the next one would in light of that result.

@Northguy That sounds like pretty good advice, thank you. I think it’s best for me to start with the reconstruction surgery, for the obvious reason. I guess the reason why I haven’t proceeded to tactically work that way was because I could save money getting two surgeries at once instead of at different times.