Tips on stopping binge eating please!

Can anyone tell me how to get the thought of bingeing out of my mind. One I even think about bingeing its all I can think about. I literally cannot concentrate until I binge. How can I distract myself and get it out of my head?

dancegirl....if you can get on a meal plan that will supply your body with adequate calories, instead of restricting, you may find it easier to prevent a binge. Perhaps it could also be helpful to keep a journal about your feelings when you feel tempted to binge?
Eat well, but try to distract when you know you are tempted to eat outside of your hunger.
I suggest you seek professional guidance for don't need to do it alone!!
Take care...Jan ♥

I didn’t see ‘dancegirl’s’ name and at first glance, I thought that your advice to her was ‘Dance Girl!’ !!! I’m currently experiencing a massive urdge to b/p so (Jan!), I am going to take my misinterpretation of your advice and have a DANCE!!! I’m serious!!! hahahaha!

I've done all of that...I have kept a journal and it hasnt worked, I have followed meal plans and eaten a normal amount of calories per day and I still want to binge...its ALWAYS on my mind. And I am also seeing a counselor which isnt really helping. I am running out of ideas and I just want to give up:(
I want to cry everytime I think about it.

is this counselor specialized in eating disorders? what exactly do you work on during your sessions?

i suggest make a list of all things you could do to distract, even minor thing. goin´g for a walk, reading, posting on the site, doing dishes, vacuuming, exercising etc. write down even the things you always do anyway.
then when you have the urge to binge, do (and tick off) everything you can on the list until the urge subsides.

on top of that you could hand reminders everwhere you might go to bige or to get food. reminders of why not to binge, why it's bad for you, why you're worth better etc.

hope any of this may help.


dancer....I too suggest that you seek counseling with someone who specializes with this, and consider going into specialized treatment for a period of time to interrupt this dangerous cycle.
Please advocate for what YOU need...thank you for sharing..please continue....thinking of you...Jan ♥

find something you love to so and stick with it--if the thought of binging comes to mind--do something not food related ---instead . there must be something you like to do , huh?? do that when you get the urge to binge.

and when you eat, eat till full and satisfied. and make sure you feel like you have had enough...


Dancergirl, I'm about to try dancing to my favourite music (see my above post)...I feel optimistic about this because, it's light exercise, the music should enhance my mood and it should take my mind off the b/p cycle....I'll let you know how this goes in about an hour!!!!! Perhaps give it a go too?

Hey dancergirl, Here is a video that may help.

The reason why I binge eat is because I am not happy with way I look. Im not fat but my whole life ive always wanted to be thinner. I always give up on eating healthy because I feel like im never going to be as thin as I want to be so I binge. I dont know if that makes much sense but its how I feel. How can I learn to love my body the way it is?

i wish i could answer your question. i think for all of us that's the hardest thing to master.

maybe any of the recovered ones can give some tips on that?

One thing that always helped me with the obsessive thoughts was to be around people. I had a tendency of isolating and that was when binge thoughts would be most prevalent.
If you cannot physically be with someone, picking up the phone works too. Talk about what is going on, choose people that you trust and get out of the isolation that the eating disorder wants you to be in

I also think i may have depression but i dont know how to tell my i didnt show up for work because i physically could not get myself out of bed. and i didnt even call into my work and i dont plan on going back. I would never do something like that . i feel like my weight is taking over my entire life. My weight is making me soo depressed that all I want to do is stay in bed all do i get help?

i understand everything you are going through. i am trying to stop bingeing too and it is really difficult, im not going to lie to you. one thing that really helped me is when i feel like i want to binge, i call my mom or my best friend and just talk to her. that helps distract me and gives me strength. try to find someone who you can do that with, they dont even have to know that you are on the verge of bingeing or anything, just say you want to talk.
ive never been fat either, but ive always wanted to be thinner. i know it is really hard to deal with being unhappy with your body. but harming your body wont make it look any different.
i hope you can deal with your ED head on and beat it.
best of luck and love, hanna