Tired of my head in a toilet

As most of you know, I've been Bulimic for 15+ years. I've tried many recovery options over this time...

Something in me told me today that is 100% UP TO ME to move past this. No one is forcing me to binge and purge. I am making the conscious decision to do it.

As such, IT IS UP TO ME TO STOP it too.

At some point there is only so much a therapist, group session, drugs, IP treatment, etc. can do for you..

The final decision is up to me.

I'm so tired of feeling sluggish, bloated, guilty, upset, wasteful, etc.

I want my life back!!!

I to live a normal NON-Bulimic life.

The last time I can remember not worried about food was in my mid 20s. I want to get back to that place...

So I'm just sharing with you all my thoughts this morning.

Love to hear your encourangement and feedback.

Today is a new day.


Hi Caroline....Yes, the ultimate work is yours to do, but having professional guidance is crucial for most people. A 'team' can help you develop some coping tools and methods of coping without the eating disordered behaviors, and to sit with the discomfort of making those changes. A support network is critical also.
I believe you can do it, but don't expect too much of yourself too quickly! We all have needs. Perhaps a plan for eating that will give you structure and limits, both ways, could be helpful?
Do you have a therapist who could support you along the way?
Wishing you well...♥