Tired, shamed, exhausted, on edge, raw, remorseful, like a f

Tired, shamed, exhausted, on edge, raw, remorseful, like a failure These are all feeling that can happen with a relapse. Yes there are others I have not named. Each person goes through a range of emotions when they relapse.

Today, I hit my wall, actually it happen a month ago. But it hit the fan today. I had a relapse. A big one. It impacted my life, my family, and others. Today I was held accountable to my actions. I said yes. I said yes I did it. It hurt. It still hurts.. but in the end, I hope I can look back, know I am still working to get better. The day isn't over yet. I have time to work on myself today and I will. I know I have to accept the recourse from my actions as I work on recovery.

To everyone suffering from this addiction, there is hope. I believe we can be better. I hope to prove it all again, that I can be a better person.

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Addiction is a brutal beast. It takes a lot of strength to admit that you had a relapse. Being truthful isn't easy. I'm sorry that so many people were affected.

You CAN do this. Be open and honest. Earn your trust back. Lean on others. Don't give up hope.

I believe that you can and WILL overcome this. Getting to the root of the issue always helps. There's a community here to talk/listen whenever you need/want to talk or vent. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

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@Justwanttobeloved thank you. I do beyi will over come this. That I will best this. Being open and honest is the way to best it.