To go or not to go

my parents have been divorced for about 6 years now, i have a six year old brother and im 15. in the divorce custody agreement is states that we are supposed to see our father every other weekend. while im with my father im in charge of not only myself and my school work but also of my father, my grandparents, and my brother. this is a major trigger to my ED because he is emotionally abusive. for the past month ive been thinking of excuses to get out of going to see my dad to relieve stress and focus on getting better and he doesnt know about me ED yet becuase he would just yell and lecture me about it blaming me for it and call me selfish, and obviously that wont do anything. well we are supposed to go with him this weekend, tomorrow night and saturday during the day and im wondering if i should go. im 15 so leagally i dont need to see him anymore if i dont want to but my brother has to go. my father is bipolar and has a bad temper and my grandparents are old and fragile so im not comfterble leaving my brother alone with them but he wants to go. my ED is acting up and im not sure if i can handle the stress. Ty's only six so he doesnt understand whats going on and i dont want to be the mean big sister for not letting him see his dad, but is it worth risking what little mental stability ive gained over the past few weeks? my mom would prefer for us to stay with her but like i said ty wants to go and i feel bad not letting him go.

this is just my opinion.. but i think you're too young to be taking on so much responsibility. you need to do what is best for you right now, it's okay to be selfish when it comes to your mental stability. don't worry about your brother right now, if you're not ready to spend the weekend with your dad, and you're sure it will trigger your ED, then put it off until you are more stable.

hope everything goes okay :)

i have a tough weekend ahead of me too. i'm going to be travelling, which means not being able to plan my food, which might mean not being able to count exactly how many calories i'm eating, which always always leads to a binge. this sounds silly i know, but i am so stressed about it. i really dont want to binge again, i want this time to be different...

im still not sure, its been a month and he is my dad so i do miss him, but your right its a lot of responsibility for me right now.

as for your weekend try to just eat healthily, stick to salads or wraps, make sure you get in protein and take vitamins, when you eat healthy you really dont need to eat big portions but you need to eat 2 meals a day wit 2 snacks. it doesnt sound silly, i know exactly how you feel. hope this helps, and good luckk(: <3.

I think you need to take care of #1....and thats you. You should NOT have the responsibility to care for your dad, grandparents and're a child yourself and thats NOT FAIR to you. I can see how this might trigger your ED. Please think about not going, your brother will be a bit upset but whats worse...him being upset for 5 mins, or you throwing away all the progress you made over the last few weeks?