Today all I can do is cry. My thyriod condition has affected

Today all I can do is cry. My thyriod condition has affected every part of my body. My hair, energy painful joints even dental. If i didn't have my son I don't know if I'd still be here I feel so broken. No one seems to understand the painful exhaustion, everything has been taken a way from me :-(

No just hypothyroidism from my doctor. I go to a specialist in two weeks. I thank you for your support. Is graves related to hyperthyroidism? Thank you for reaching out to me.

How do you get the energy to exercise?

@Lovetolaugh yes I had the same problem, I had all those symptoms, I had a biopsy as well, the test came back negative, but I had a nodule growing, I got it removed as soon as possible. Now I’m fine, just low energy level.

Wow im the total opposite. I have hypoactive thyroidism so my energy is depleted. I stay cold, exhausted, my hair has turned dry and brittle it is also falling out. I have more dental problems do to the extremely dry mouth, dry skin painful swollen joints, swelling in my legs and I ve gained a lot weight often my breathing is affected and I always feel as though something is in my throat. Its horrible i hate it, i feel like everything in my life has been affected.

@Keynote Hey how are you don’t today