Today has been really hard to resist the hair s

Today has been really hard to resist the hair still trying my hardest not to pull at both eyelashes and eyebrows and the urge is really high up but its been 3 weeks resisting and i dont wanna give in to the urge ... Today has been the hardest day so far and im giving it all i got to get through this day:( i hope i dont give in:(<\3

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You are not going to give up honey. What is causing you to feel like you have to do it? Are you under a lot of stress right now?

@Jennipain i will try my best not to:( i dont know , maybe because i overthink things and that stresses me out and some things around me stress me out…ive had trichotillomania for about 8 years and i am really trying to be positive and look in the bright side but that doesnt always work but i am still fighting this urge and its killing me:( …thank u

I've had it for about 8-9 years

@Lizrules how old were u?

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