Today has been terrible i just need someone to talk too. ive

today has been terrible i just need someone to talk too. ive been crying the last 3 hours. im hurting, having had anxiety attacks all day.i cant ask for help because i will be judged and i cant go to the hospital because they are triggers to my PTSD and cause the attacks to get worse.

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Hi deerhunter. I'm here to listen. What's up?

@deerhunter80 What's wrong? Why so sad? You are not alone, I am here, and so are SG friends to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow....

its just been terrible for me, i keep getting attacked by my ex. she wont stop with them. im so on edge i just want to start cutting but my attacks are so strong i cant move

What are the attacks like? Is this something new?

i just wish i could have peace and move on but when im alone i cry, and cry out to God please take me home

Need some help getting started? We're certainly not judgemental

yes please, God yes

Lets start with the easy ones. How long have you been divorced?

the attacks are immobilizing, like a heart attack. they have been happening the minute she left me 3 years ago. ive tried and tried to work thru them. but everything fails

OK I’m getting there. The memories of her keep getting to you. Sometimes they are so sytomh. You’re frozen

Come on. These are the easy ones. You can tell me


We both know you’re going to need some professional help to get this off your background. You tried to work it through yourself, but this is too much for anyone to handle alone. I hear you about your problems with hospitals, but how about a day treatment program that’s not at the hospital?

yes they are, i have around average of 90 a day

Tough going.

they try to push drugs on you here at those and its against my culture to use them

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What culture is that?

american indian

Do you live any where near your reservation? If we’re going to find some one-on-one talking therapy I think it would go smoother and faster with someone who has worked with American Indians before