Today has not been so great. I'm mixed. Urgh. A little frust

Today has not been so great. I'm mixed. Urgh. A little frustrated with my toxic family member. Shared an idea regarding to my near future plans with a job and it was pretty much laughed at. This family memeber never seems to fully support me so im unsure why I even bothered telling them. Seems to me they either doubt me and my decision making or just doesnt want me to be successful.
This triggered some self-esteem issues. A spiral a bit. Felt really low ever since. Started to hyper focus on the fact my new medication is making my body weight super stubborn. Im unsure why I let this person trigger me like that. Prehaps my self esteem and self worth still has a lot of work to do.

Sorry they were not supportive of you about your plans. Sometimes if I experience this, I tend to not tell anyone about my future plans unless they ask to avoid them not being supportive, but even then, it may not go how you want it to. Are you able to limit contact with this family member or try not to talk about things they may respond negatively to? I hope you won't let them affect your self-esteem too much. You should be able to do what you enjoy without having to worry about that.

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Im able to stay away. It was over a phone call. Regardless, it wld be nice to have that support. I guess i care too much sometimes.