Today I found a womens outreach program. I think it could be

Today I found a womens outreach program. I think it could benefit me and give me the strength and courage I need to follow through with my divorce. I do worry about how open I would be. I say this because I dont trust people with private details. I dont want to damage his rep because someone in the group has a big mouth.

Please tell me more about how you guys are going about changing the relationship from marriage to platonic.this process is so sad to me and I don't know how one does it?


Hes toxic. In my situation our marriage has been fading for a long time. Emotional abuse, financial bullying, inappropriate relations with other women. The wider my eyes are to his unacceptable behaviors the less I care to interact with him. Also, I prayed to God for help. I was stuck for a long time on the wheel of ‘oh he might change’. I Prayed to God to save me from the broken cycle. Within just a few weeks of that prayer, he created separation between us through a new job- opening my eyes even more to his insidous abuse. I finally saw that I was better off without him. More confident, happier, less afraid of the world.

You ask how. God and thats the only answer to give because without God I’m lost. And thats the truth.

Aintthatkind These types of groups are suppose to be closed to people sharing what is suppose to be confidential information outside of the group. If you get into a group and they don't openly remind their members of this, I'd find another group. This is not something you should have to worry about if you find a viable, respectable group.

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I hope so. It would be a huge step for me to trust in others. Its been a long time. Of course, having him in the background planting seeds of doubt doesnt help.

I guess I get pariniod too. I had alot of backstabbing happen in my life.