Today I graduated from my mental health support group. I am

Today I graduated from my mental health support group. I am far enough in my recovery that I no longer qualify for the group. Today was my last day. I feel tired and sick about it. I have been out of the mental hospital for 18 months. This group helped me after I tried to kill myself. It's just hard that it's over. I could try to find another in person support group. But the ones I have looked at are not run by a nurse, or medical person. I don't want to be in a group where there is no medical person. I don't feel safe that way. Today I should be happy I am better, but I am sitting at home crying about how I have no friends. No one who understands me. I feel very lost. I need to make new friends. Life is just hard when it changes. It's just changing a lot for me.

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I'm not a nurse or doctor and I don't want you to be uncomfortable. I can tell you that I was on that dark road you went down and I still feel lost. I can hold your hand and be your friend and we can find that doc/nurse together if you like

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@wannagoshopping thank you for your kindness I have a therapist I like and a good psychiatrist. I don’t have any friends. My support group is where I had friends. No that’s over I don’t qualify any more because I have been out of the mental hospital so long. That’s why I feel lost.

Ok, so when I was down that road, the only thing that made me feel better were the movies. You could escape into a world that wasn't yours for 2 hours and forget. Kind of like getting plugged into the matrix (movie reference, you see:)) I never liked it when the movie ended. I've been obsessed with them lately...anything to help me ignore my shopping addiction, my Xanex addiction, my depression, my anxiety or the fricking voices in my head telling me to just kill myself. Do you like movies?

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Funny enough, my mom felt the same way you did. She was anorexic and she was very weak and didn't talk much. She opened up a lot in the mental institution she was put in and made friends like you. When she was out, she was scared again that no one outside those walls would understand her. She's gotten better, but I still see signs of that girl when I see her and she's 70 now.

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@wannagoshopping wow thats interesting about your mom. I have been in lots of mental hospitals. Some can make you feel very safe. Also nice to meet people in the same place as you. Movies tend to stress me out. But I come on this group and talk that helps me calm down. Wish I could lose myself in a movie. But it just makes my life more stressful. Sorry you have all those things. It’s hard with the suicidal thoughts. Do you hear voices or is it different?

I'm an addict too. But, I am very social and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I don't mind talking to anyone about how I feel (maybe it's my way of getting attention). I work at a hotel and am great at related to guests and my coworkers there. I have a friend there who tried to kill himself last week. He didn't do it and broke down on facebook. I talked to him for about five hours and found we had one thing in common....movies. I was a film history major and I'm certified in film/photo restoration. I wanted to be a film history teacher. H wants to be a cinematographer. We both can't afford to go back to school and feel stuck. When I got him talking about the movies, his eyes lit up and I saw life returning back to him. We are going to start a film group at work....I guess a way to just talk...about anything. I'm a decent friend to have....even ifyou just met me. Be a part of our group. It's going to be online I think since we all have different schedules. Maybe this could help you too

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@wannagoshopping thanks for the invitation but I really know nothing about movies I would be lost. I have not seen very many movies. Do you have a favorite movie? Maybe if you tell me a few good ones I could watch them. You seem very friendly that’s so great you helped your coworker.

No I don't actually hear voices. It's just a term I use for my screaming emotions. They are very loud. I really am sorry you aren't comfortable with your current situation. I really am. I'm glad you have a good therapist though. I found one too and she is great. She's very relaxed and compassionate which chills me out and allows me to focus on getting better. It's going to be a long journey, but I found a good guide:)

1 Heart I have a favorite movie? I have millions. You said you find movies stressful, so if I could recommend anything for you they would be the following (remember, I like old movies too:))

1. Singing in the Rain (I love the songs...I know them all...if you watch this, just picture me singing "Make 'Em Laugh"'s the best release ever when I sing that song. My daughter who is nine doesn't like movies either (she gets nervous and can't sit still...she is mildly autistic) But, I can get her to sit through that one and she makes me sing the song all the time:) Just seeing her reaction is enough for me.

2. The Lego Movie...I trust anything my daughter watches since she isn't a movie fan. I can see where they stress her out. But this one she just watches over and over and over again. It's simple and not too scary or stressful for her.

3. The Wizard of Oz: she won't watch anything with the witch or flying monkeys, but she likes it when I sing the munchkin songs and she likes the scarecrow