Today I notice little things that make me uneasy. There was

Today I notice little things that make me uneasy. There was sign at Dunkin’ Donuts reminding how there’s shortage of workers n please thank one’s working here. There was lot of supplies missing at grocery story like half an aisle missing. Earlier on news reported possible shortage of pumpkins and Christmas trees…. This pandemic stuff making me nervous! I think also people are getting more careless and uncaring towards others but maybe that’s just me… anybody else notice some things uneasy bc of pandemic? Hope everyone stays safe!

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I find it to be a mix of attitudes from people in our area it's all over some people are freaking out and some could care less and are not worried at all then the ones in between. A few weeks back we had alot of help wanted signs on one of our main streets it felt kind of spooky. I've been slowly stocking up on disinfecting wipes since I'm sure there will be a shortage again once the flu season begins. It may seem like more people are uncaring because we are suppose to keep physical distance and not spend too much time in close contact. Also some people look at others like a potential walking covid virus not a person.

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@Littleturtle1000 yes very true n people looking at others like threat n treat accordingly… today feels bit better so far as more my neighbors smile n wave. Yes everyone is acting very different. I feel like the ones who are already miserable n abusive are taking advantage to treat people worse at time. Supplies in general are limited from wood to food bc of disruptions in the transport system. Hope things get back to normal soon. It’s little things I think can help like just smiling at someone from distance. Hope you get all your supplies stocked! I tend not to use much chemicals even during pandemic. I mainly clean w white vinegar, or make simple cleaner with combo of vinegar n essential oils like tea tree or peppermint

Covid has brought a lot of awareness into the world. It has opened many new avenues and closed some. It's slowed everything down enough to pay attention to what really matters in the world and our personal lives. I like what you shared @Littleturtle1000 and you too @Foundlove you both made good sense of our New World Order.

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@CKBlossom I think the jobs that’s are short are the ones that don’t pay much but have high risk of getting Covid. Being around kids like bus drivers or teachers puts at high risk of catching Covid and probably many people feel it’s not worth it. I’m not sure if they are offering any increase in pay for bus drivers. Lot of places are offering increase in salary to make up for the risks pandemic pose. Yes food prices gone up and supplies in general are going up bc of the shortage of supplies along with the cost of making things going up due to having to pay people extra to attract to work. Also, lot of places have to make up for lost revenue due to being closed down. Places of entertainment that have been closed for almost year probably have to find ways to make up that money lost.