Today I was with the head Shrinkers and we were doing the us

Today I was with the head Shrinkers and we were doing the usual cognitive intergrative mind body systems whre basically she asks you questions and you answer how your body is feeling. My wife is there, basically because she keeps me honest, and I am a bit scared of my shrink so makes me feel more comfortable . We came to the conclusion I have a fear of my house, a fear of night time,mad a fear of holidays .. While she is talking to me she has her hand up and I feel myself almost choking. It is like being really high and getting paranoid.. So my association with my house and night time is with abuse, I felt much freer outdoors. Anyone else who is a survivor have this fear and what does one do about it ? I am forcing myself to not hold up in my room, and to clean it up to be mire inviting, but this is wierd, as I seem to have the opposite of agoraphobia,

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i used to have to stay out side while my children slept for my anxiety was so bad i coulld not breath when i went in..............44 yrs of abuse to end losing my home i the blink of an eye simply because my spouse said i could not return , then the law saying i had no legal right to my home of 19 yrs either really did a number on my head...........i was a contract painter and developed the inability to even paint in a home without severe anxeity around 4 pm ...........i would sit and cry and have phone my present husband to come and stay with me so i could age 46 i lived and walked in total fear i began to take back my body , my life , one day at a time......flip the record in your head and change the self talk.........i can , i will , i am to positive...........visualize yourself strong and confident and vision your body, mind healing and growing strong.........take back what no one has the right to take form you , me or any one else.

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What is so odd is I has no idea this was going on, that's how divorced I am of feeling, I would be just lost in my head but I am glad she pointed me in the right direction, just a bit if a shock learning about it,

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@Bowierocks do you have a pet ? cat or dog …i got a dog to help my ptsd…therapist and i went through when i felt safe and learnt a house dog always helped me…i truthfully have not been totally alone in my house for 5 yrs now but was in my mother inlaws house last year when she had a stroke …i was okay there …i was with her dog then

I was in my room for a long time I can't relate to being scared of a room because I am scared of really big open spaces kinda like claustrophobic but opposite. I like to make sure even in rooms that my back is to a wall of some sort. It has gotten to the point where I places my mattress on the floor so nothing is under it. I am deeply sorry that you feel like this though. It must be terrible to have to deal with that. I am proud of you for going to see someone for this keep your chin up you are already on the road to recovery.

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@Bowierocks they are actually beginning to train more dogs for ptsd

I was told always be honest with yourself. tell it like it is even if it hurts you or others. It makes them get honest to. Challenge the questions that are asked. Sometimes the question is the answer and yet can be a challenge to bring out the rest of the answer that was asked. And yet still be honest. A man when I was really young told me and I challenged his words told me. The greatest fears are the ones inside you others have created. So I would think of why I had certain fears and I challenge them. I need someone there sometimes to help me control my emotions and not to hold me and say its alright. That person should be there to support your words by listening and understanding that when the time comes guidance is needed. They may need to redirect your thoughts for a minute so you can regroup and take in the information that has been bottled up for years and put it together. It makes a person honest by focusing on what was processed then move forward to a final means to your fears and angers and hate and distrusts and racing thoughts to understand what the whole picture is. Me I process things in pictures they have emotions and I need to keep the balance with both in order to bet to the bottom of it. Focus and attack the situation like a task at work. Remember it needs to get done. Over time. Not today what I mean is not all at one time. It took years for the fears to develop and its going to take awhile to get it fixed. I call it a tune up. LOL

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@Bowierocks bulldogs are a good breed. …i rehomed a pug cross, have a beautiful lab/husky cross that was a drop dog by our farm and terrier/lab cross got as a pup …no matter where i am a dog is with me on the farm inside or out …reason why you did well with soccer, was you were focused on the present, here and now…no negative memories where created but good memories so each time you returned the inner peace could be found and built upon

Maybe it depends on where the trauma happened. I find great comfort in small dark rooms. Outdoors, if it's in a heavily wooded area. The availability of places to hide as long as there's still multiple escape routes. Open areas or places with a lot of people make me nervous. Many people with anxiety are comforted by having a dog around. Whatever helps. Please consider rescuing a dog from a shelter if you decide to get one. :)

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