Today is,a better day. Easter Sunday I was terribly sad and

Today is,a better day. Easter Sunday I was terribly sad and cried all afternoon and evening. Missed my hubby so much. The first Easter not being with the love of my life. More "firsts" to come all 2016. Oooh!!

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Listen gayle...b strong...u really need to be...jt will help u heal faster...plz understand

I know what you are going thru Gayle. I lost my husband in January 16th the pain & heartache is still unbearable. but I truly believe that in good time when we are ready to live with the fact that we will not see them again and know they will always be watching over us. we just got to be strong & pray harder than ever before.

I lost my husband suddenly on Feb 19, 2016. He was more than the love of my life, he was my life. We did everything together. I have no close family or friends for support, so it has been very hard. I am going to grief support, but that doesn't change the fact that I have no life now. I don't know what to do.

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I was in your shoes a few years ago. I found a Geief support group and did that twice! Then I started seeing a Christian counselor, he hrlped me tremendously also. Next I changed churches and git involved. I did devotionals daily, started studying my Bible. Out of the blue, a woman from my church s tarted calling me. We became best friends and still are today. She waz a great phone buddy. Covid h a d us in shutdown so I was totally alone physically. But I had the Lord and my phone buddy. TodayI am feeling wonderful and happy. I pray that you w ill find your path to happiness again soon. :pray: