Today is his birthday and our sons first day of school. Last

Today is his birthday and our sons first day of school. Last year he was virtual, but now he gets the full experience. My s/o almost wanted to pull him out because of the rule that parents aren't allowed inside the school due to Covid policy. He will find any reason to try to keep us from living a full life. In reality he has a high level of fear as I do. But his fear isnt failing; his fear is not being in control of everything. But I didnt letting it stop me from living. Except unfortunately, I did let my s/o stop me from living.
Back to today, I swear we cant go through 2days without something being my fauly and getting blamed. Not only having to get myself ready for work, I did most of the work getting our son ready and making sure he ate; dad did his hair and put his shoes on. We go to drop him off, and as we pull off I thought to remind our son of his teacher's name. My s/o instantly got irritated and said "Tomorrow we are doing sh!t by my accord. All this last minute sh!t. You have my son walking into somewhere, where he will freak out and be lost af! You're just not thinking."
Why does it have to be blame? Its not like he spoke of or sparked any idea of how he would've liked this morning to go. I just say sorry and let it go. Considering we were up until maybe 3am, Im not functioning 100%. All because he was working on engineering this same song he's been working on for almost a year, keep asking me every 3mins what I think about the changes. Im not an engineer so I dont hear all the same things he does; but if i dont put in any opinion "I dont care". Im not knocking his craft because my dad does the same type of projects, always has. But the same thing over and over for a yr, with no other steps set into action to follow what my s/o is investing his time into, its really erking me. But again its my fault, because Im not doing anything to start his vision of his business, which he says is for us.
Talking to my dad, between hurricane season and things still going on in the world. I literally have between next week and the following week to make my move and leave. Otherwise, I may be stuck for a lot long than I'd like.
Yesterday, he made me nervous. He was singing a song and started rubbing at my stomach. Whe I asked why he was rubbing my stomach his response was "what you dont want another baby?" We already discussed while being pregnant with #2 that we do not want anymore. Im really starting to believe he is going through all lengths to trap me to stay with him. Then he says, "Im trying to tell you something." But never said anything after that, and I didnt really want to ask.
Im so over to overbearing control and manipulation.

He is manipulating you and trying to say, if we get pregnant, you won't leave me.  He knows you are pulling away.  

@CKBlossom Even if he does try to pull that, it will not work. He definitely feels me pulling away.