Today is my last day off. Tomorrow thru Sunday I work at the

Today is my last day off. Tomorrow thru Sunday I work at the hosp. My anxietiy is starting to kick in just thinking about it, why? Because I have to work with the one young nurse (26 yr old) who has bullied and tormented me for the whole year. I've reported her and nothing has been done. The hosp loves her. She has had indiscretions in the past with male patients and family members, security was told to keep eye on her few times, but they continue to keep her employed. In the Dept we work in, she warns me constantly to keep everything behind our closed doors. I have begged HR to move me out. Now, I'm stuck having to work with her tomorrow. Dr put me on anxiety pills and BP. That don't help. I have meltdowns at work. Crying meltdowns. This is not me. I'm usually stronger than that. Why do I cry instead of getting angry at how she treats me? I thought the anxiety pills would make me braver. Quitting is not an option. I have been there one year and it's hard to find work where I live. I told HR that nobody is going to make me quit and I will stand and fight.

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I'm glad you still have the spirit to fight. See this problem as something to make you mentally stronger :). Hope things will get better for you

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You sound like a very strong person to me. I am sure you can do this, in the end, you've survived way worse. Maybe she tortures someone else from the stuff? Ally from the work is always fine...just keep hanging around, I'm sure your HR will transfer you when it's possible...

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Thank You for your replies

this makes me so angry. I hate people that secure there positions by overpowering others. she'll slip up one day

i have the same situation in my school.
one girl nobody will believe because everybody loves her and so she gets away with it


The nurse mentioned above, got pregnant with the patient’s father (who was illegal) and left the job along with a friend of hers who were in on all the drama. They went to work across the street at another hosp, working in the children’s ward. I reported an older nurse (63) for abusing a pt and was told that she’s been a nurse for 30 years and she don’t do things like that. Drama continued and i was fired eventually. A year later that older nurse I had reported, was fired and stripped of her state license after an older pt filed a report for physical abuse. I am still working in the healthcare field at a much better place.

Shriners hospital is not what you all think. Lots of needy children from other countries who speak no English and therefore, those who do treat them poorly. The only thing I miss from this whole experience is the children I took care of. They are scared when they are flown into the hosp and they depend on the staff there to ease their fears and comfort them. I pray for them always.