Today is my NARC's birthday. gonna do EVERYTHING in my powe

today is my NARC's birthday. gonna do EVERYTHING in my power to not cave!! was feeling very strong last night and this the day moves on i feel a tug.....
reminders and support are very very very welcomed!

Just remember that it's most likely whatever u get him for a present will not be good enough and in fact could be used against u as of u knew that anything less then a million dollars is a bs cop out. Don't go above n beyond it will go unappreciated. Honestly I would do the bare minimum cuz u could b "paying for it" later either way good luck

oh i am not sending or getting him anything! i made him a memory book - with pics of me - 40 smiles for 40 years of his life....i was going to do 4 days of 40, day 1 40 small gifts of things i know he loves, day 2 40 things i like about him, day 3, 40 things i want us to experience together, then day 4 was gonna be the pic book with 40 smiles.. i trashed it ALL!!
i was even going to order him a gooey butter chocolate german cake and have it sent to his office.....cancelled that order!
hes not getting anything from me. i try and tell myself that i dont matter to him, that my attention is nothing more than a dip in his just hard to believe that when my mind floods with all the loving crap he said to me.

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Do not cave in you won't get the reaction you're hoping for Hun well done for being so strong it's hard but you deserve more xx hang in there

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Dont make him feel any more special than he already thinks he is. He prob wouldn't call u. NO CONTACT speaks volumes. Higs