Today is my youngest daughters second birthday. My ex best f

Today is my youngest daughters second birthday. My ex best friend told me to delete her form my facebook and her number or she would. So I did. She has not removed my husband and today commented on his post wishing her a happy birthday that her auntie loves her yet she continues to ignore me and want nothing to do with us. How the hell is that okay? It has pushed me over the edge. I no longer feel just sadness of loosing her but now i am pissed. She will act as if she is still in their lives on my husbands facebook while completely ignoring me. the person who has always been by her side even after all the messed up **** she has done in the past.

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What happened between the two of you?

@CKarma @CKarma My husband was our only income and he got laid over beginning of November and at that time all the holiday help programs were closed to new applications. So i told her I posted on fb to trying getting hand me downs for my kids especially clothes and she offered to post on a few sites she knew of. She had more luck finding me help and I was grateful. She said she was just happy to give the kids a good christmas and the youngest a good birthday since it is today. We had a family send us a check for $100 to get the kids what they needed that wasn’t hand me downs. When she heard how much we got she wanted half the money. I told her fine but felt it was unfair as she said she never expected anything in return for it. She also owes us money currently from before my husband got laid off but never asked for it back. I told her she’d have to wait a while as it ended up going to rent and gas so I could make my important doctor appointment I was waiting 2 months for. Which I ended up finding out I have pre diabetes at. She got mad I felt this way and told me to delete her number adn facebook and she was going to do the same. We both said mean things out of anger. Mine was that if i knew she was going to expect money in return when her and her live in boyfriend both had full time jobs with only rent to pay no kids or anything else and gets gas every week from her father I would of told her not to post as we can’t afford to give money away when we are having a hard enough time making ends meet as is. I emailed her later that night and the next two days apologizing saying we were both in the worng that we have been thru way too much to let petty stuff come between us and she won’t answer me. She has not removed my husband from facebook and comments acting like she is still involved in our kids lives and when I saw it i got really upset from tears to anger. I just don’t know what to do.

@Frustrated-Daughter Yes she owes us money. But I never asked for it back because I have always seen it as friends who are like family should help each other and if you keep bringing up that they owe money it ca cause more trouble then the money is worth so I never did. I don't know if she forgot or what but she never tried paying me back. In a way I pray there is a way for reconciliation after all we have been through but since all she did was comment on my husband's fb wishing our daughter happy birthday and not reaching out to me and talking then I doubt it is even worth saving. As my mother put it I could of expected way more money from her as she came and used my internet and computer for 20 hours for training she had to do for her job as well as 8 hour before she got her job applying for jobs putting my attempt to apply for a job to a halt . And I fed her both days she was here but to me it never crossed my mind because we were like sisters. We were supposed to help each other and never expect anything in return. I have a biological sister who I cut out for helping my ex try gaining custody of my oldest by telling him lies and I still do not understand what made her do this and because I have no proof expect words between her and I my family doesn't believe it which means my family (husband and two kids and I) don't go to holidays or dinners because her and her family are invited first and if they do not go then we are invited. So my friend took over that missing piece and now she is gone too. I can't risk letting her back in and this happening all over again. It was hard enough with my actual sister.

@peanutlil1 Yes, I can see that would be really hard on you, I’m so sorry that this happened. I know that feeling of doing anything I could for people only have them turn around after causing a problem and walk out of my life. Sometimes even though it is really hard to let people go, it has to happen. I hope that you are able find new people who respect you and you can trust.