Today is the 22nd Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Do you r

Today is the 22nd Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Do you remember that day? It was such a shock and today we remember the heroism and the extreme loss of life. Remember, be kind, support others, get the help you deserve and don't take a moment for granted. Do a good deed if you can today. Make someone else's day bright.
Today we remember.
Wishing you all the best-Team SG

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I completey forget it was today until we were leaving an orthodontist appointment this morning. I can't believe it was 22 years ago. I was in college, what a devastating day.

@CKBlossom Yes, devastating, scary, traumatizing…may those that have survived be remembered, may those that perished be honored and remembered.

I remember I had just graduated from Highschool, and that summer I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. I remember we had this little VHS/TV combo on the counter in the kitchen and they were covering the heck out of it. I remember how surreal it felt, and even then I knew things were going to change pretty heavily. 22 years ago. Might as well have been another lifetime the way it feels compared to todays constant tension.

@Brent1228 It is shocking as an adult to realize wow, it has been that long for just about everything.

Retired Firefighter/Paramedic.

@Piobaire That had to been hard no matter where you lived.

22 years dose not seem that long . Remember I was working that day ,

@sasha1 As an adult things seem to go quicker and when you look back you are empathize, wait how long ago was that?!

We had a talk about that during our history lesson, so I agree that it had to be one of the most devastating catastrophes in the US history.

@KidDJ It was, I think in the US we tend to think we are invincible, this showed us we are not.

911 was a significant event in my life. I remember that day too well. I was a jet mechanic in the Navy at the time, and I came in from the flightline (tarmac) with my grease guns in hand and lube oil after lubricating all of the hinge points and pivot points on our landing gear. I was stationed in Japan at that time. I threw the grease guns down on the work bench when all of a sudden, one of the other mechanics burst into my shop and told us about what happened with the first plane. We ran into the office where the footage was being replayed, and shortly after that, we saw the 2nd plane, and everything that followed. When I got off from work that night, we knew the base would be in lockdown the next day, so we went out drinking. Watching the footage being replayed on TV out in town brought tears to my eyes. One of my friends from my squadron was home on leave in New York when that happened, and he told me that he just drove out of the city right before those towers collapsed. His father was from Tunisia, and he told me that his brother received a lot of persecution and was subject to a lot of animosity after that event occured because of his heritage.

Not long after that happened, I went out on a short detachment with my squadron, and my ship was used for a special operations mission in which upon returning to home port, the ship was only in port for 24 hours. As we were departing the ship, the Army personnel were going aboard it. Our aircraft carrier was converted into an Army helicopter and troop transport, so they could launch an invasion into Afghanistan, and so the Army could pursue the person responsible for those horrific events. 5 Years later, I did some deployments to Afghanistan too, boots on the ground, in support of the Army's operations over there, and saluted many fallen comrades as they were returned home to their final resting place, and vowed to live the life they were deprived of, even if life is hard and boring sometimes.

@Lone LI shadoW3gs It is so sad how people are still persecuted for how they look or the religion they practice here in the United States. It sounds empathize that day was very personal to you and it changed the way you see the world and live your life, thank you for sharing that with us. -SG