Today is the day, as long as i don't chicken out. I mentione

Today is the day, as long as i don't chicken out. I mentioned that I've seen a lawyer but I haven't actually signed any papers or made any real permanent decisions. I wanted to file for divorce/custody before I moved out w/ my children to my parents just so I have all my legal bases covered. The attorney thinks to wait until after the hokidays may be the best thing for my children and I have to agree. They are all under 5yrs old and I don't want t o hurt them for Christmas. So my attorney said that I could pay her the retainer fee, full out the forms, and give her the go ahead when to send them out to the court. Today is that day to start the process of divorce. I'm terrified, I've been trying not to think or talk about it so I don't chicken out.

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@Hadley101 Well done. You’ve got it all lined up and ready to go that is such a huge huge step I’m really proud of you. Try and take your plan one small step at a time so you don’t freak out. So if today was getting it lined up you’ve ticked that off, breathe and plan the next step for tomorrow however small (like get things ready at your parents, get cheap pay as go phone so you can switch off your normal phone when you want to and your family and close friends can still contact you on new number, start to prepare what your taking. I found it easier to look at the small steps and not think too far ahead and you’ll be fine. If you can wait until after holidays and hang in there then do if it feels right if you can’t then go! Your kids are young and your parents will help you make sure their Xmas is not ruined do what feels right in your gut and kept focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. You got this you can do it xxx