Today is very hard for me. It's the weekend and I can't get

Today is very hard for me. It's the weekend and I can't get my meds. I think I might be having a flare up because of my period. Some how it is triggering it. I feel like it is happening too often and would like to know my other medication options.
I've never felt so alone around so many people. I feel like I'm living a lie when i walk outside. Im trying to accept the fact that i will be alone and won't be loved. As much as we say its common and its no big really is. No matter what, its still herpres and we will always be looked at as marked.
I'm trying not to think this way but its hard.
I'm trying to smile more..and mean it.

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you're never going to be alone and unloved because you had/have herpes its not HIV even people with those still find love. you're never going to be alone

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thank you. i appreciate that so much.

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you will be okay...Monday will roll around and you can get your meds

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what makes you think youll be alone??? someone will love you

do you think the stress of your emotions is triggering the flares? it's true what everyone is saying, there are plenty of people out there who will love you for the wonderful person you are, unconditionally. hugs!

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@blackbirdjessa i think so jessa, i stress a lot because i take care of my family. i need to be okay for them you know? when i first found out i was positive i fainted.

Perhaps it might be good to get some lYsine is this is believed to be helpful for herpes. you say you have a family that is something that is positive in your life there are many of us alone with this disease to don't have a partner or a family so try and think about the good things as opposed to just this 1 negative because herpes is not the end of your life.