Today marks my 2nd week of me not cutting, but i feel that i

Today marks my 2nd week of me not cutting, but i feel that instead of it getting easier, its getting harder not to cut. I still feel i need to. The urges are getting stronger .. what should i do? I want to stay clean of it.

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I feel the urges 2, very hard not 2 give in . need some one 2 talk 2?

Anyone? :/

@Pinkish Life
Two weeks is a big deal. Be proud. Put one foot in front of
the other and keep building the minutes. Sending you good vibes

When you continue to count the days you are successfull.. it doesn't become easier. It's when you start to forget how long it's been that you know something is changing. Continue to fight the urge everyday, what helped me from my own self harms is distractions. If I feel I wanted to self harm I'd go outside.. i'd workout.. i'd play a game.. i'd write in a journal WHY I wanted to do this, WHAT would I feel IF I were to do it, DOES this really help me in the end, WHAT are the consequences of doing this.. Answering a few of those on paper can help you realize things that it's not worth it.. Your gonna feel really accomplished you stopped yourself from doing it.

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sorry wanted 2 talk yesterday but computer crashed:( if you ever need anyone to talk to you can message me, I am going through the same thing hope today is good for you

It's not good to hold in your tears because when u do it will destroy u u will start to have emotional problems that's what happened to me it was so horrible when it came out finally