Today, more things than I can possibly explain without expen

Today, more things than I can possibly explain without expending energy took place. Through them, I have decided that I want to move out when I am 18 next year. However, I only have 942 dollars in my account right now. I only make 11 dollars and hour. I cannot continue living with this woman. She is going to drive me to do something to myself. Today, after being told to kill myself by my mother, I was left at work without a ride home in the cold, and had to call an uber to take me home, paying out of my pocket. Only to come home and hear that apparently, My mother says I am not allowed to drink or eat ANYTHING that she has bought with her own money, Or I will be in trouble with her. Meaning I can no longer eat or drink in this house. I am staying awake tonight and for the forseeable future trying to find out how I can survive on my own. I ideally want to rent a cheap studio apartment once I am 18 and move out one day without telling her. Then, Ideally, I would cut all communication with her and begin my struggle to survive alone. I do NOT want to continue living with my mother. I'm sick of struggling through just by the skin of my teeth every single day of my life only to be crushed by unhappiness each time. Is it at all possible to survive on 11 dollars an hour 4 days a week? I work 4 hours a day. I do not imagine that it is possible, but I would appreciate some tips. I want to try. I don't care how hard I have to work. I've considered getting a second job, but my current one is from 5pm to 9pm, and I don't know if I can find a job that won't start IMMEDIATELY after I close from the first one. PLEASE HELP ME.

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It depends where you live. How big your city is. If you live in a good size of city there's probably plenty of jobs. So what you do is start looking at your local job listings and start applying for anything that looks like you could get the ideal hours you are looking for. Of course you want it close to home especially since you have a part time job already. Once you get an interview that's the time you can find out what hours they have or can work with you on then you will know for sure. Most fast food places are hiring quite often. Restaurants need dish washers you could tell them you can work early day shift. Since you work til 9 pm you won't want a second job that starts real early but you will have to decide how early you could go. Restaurants are desperate they will work with you on the hours. All you can do is start applying at places and go from there. Since you only work 4 days a week then you have 3 other days that are completely open. That's horrible what your mother said I'm so sorry. I hope you have someone to talk too.

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@Littleturtle1000 I have absolutely no one I can talk to about my mother’s behavior except my female friend. I don’t want to sully my name in front of her because I’m scared and to be honest I’m a bit romantically interested in her, so I don’t want to embarrass myself. I don’t even know if a second job can help me pay for a studio. Plus, I don’t have a car. My parents have carefully planned this whole punishment for me. They have essentially cut all ties with me RIGHT when they cannot get arrested for neglect. I assume that since I am going to turn 18 in two months, my parents believe they can punish me by cutting off EVEN MORE of my basic human needs (not just love anymore) and they wont get in trouble since I would legally be an adult.

@BoringThats great thought. I’ve had family members that have done that and one of them is very successful he’s going to be able to retire real early since he went in at 17 years old.