Today so far, a small handful of baking chocolate chips. tha

today so far, a small handful of baking chocolate chips. that's all that's in the house. oh wait my sister made cookies for me, they're in the fridge. trying to save those for my kids..trying to behave! ugh

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It is hard! Hugs and welcome!

thank you

How are you doing today?

@chargr69 thank you for support! yesterday was bad - had 8 pieces of my kids Halloween candy. Was pretty disgusted with myself. Today, a little better, just finished last 3 bites of my daughters ice cream that she didn’t want. But I know to win this - there can be NO sugar, I can’t handle it - I always cave. SF dark chocolate helps - but can only have a small amount b4 gastrointestinal distress. Has anyone here watched Dr. Lustig’s video on youtube? Very informative and a helpful kick in the rear. Here’s the link:

One thing I have learned is to LET GO. Why are you beating yourself up? You had 8 pieces...NOT 20, 30 ,40 or more. Stop telling yourself you are disappointed. Instead, say I did great and only ate 8 pieces. Change your wording to be more positive. So, tomorrow only have 7 pieces. Control your intake and SLOWLY decrease the amount. Do you drink enough water?? Stop focusing on the negatives and look at the positives. Go right now and write down the things you are grateful for.. for example...I am happy to be breathing, able to walk, able to see, hear, laugh and cry. I am happy there are people out in the world who are nice, compassionate and willing to give a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on. Look up the law of attraction....I am here for you

@chargr69 great wisdom and advice thank you. I actually do keep a gratitude journal and am pretty well versed in LOA stuff. It was just a bad moment. It passed. Though you are right - the self judgement is pretty heavy. Letting go and letting God is my motto, for everything, for sugar and all life’s other curve balls.