Today the school year starts... I am excited but I am also e

Today the school year starts... I am excited but I am also extremely nervous because it means that I now have to tell my new teachers, my new classmates about my Tourettes... I can not help but think of how they will react because I have had many bad reacttions...

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Just stay positive about it my friend and I think that everyone will be accepting and supportive to you. Please let us know how it goes I am rooting for you. YAY

Me too, WHOO! GO YOU!

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@Llamas_for_life Love that WOOT WOOT Attitude oh YES!!!

Good luck Zebras. I hope that your day goes well

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My best friend has Tourettes, since he was a kid. He gets ticks, and they change every couple months. He tries to cover them up by brushing his hair or stretching after he gets a tick, like he meant to do it. When he meets new people sometimes they think he's hopped up on drugs or something, but he just laughs it off. Not sure how your Tourettes affects you, but you are so so so deserving of love! Because you go through hardship just makes you more empathetic and loving towards others, which is exactly what the world needs! You will do just fine. People will likely be interested to learn about the condition and respect you more for dealing with it on a daily basis, rather than mock you! Good luck. :)