Today was a bad day☹ pulled a lot of hair. I need to do so

Today was a bad day☹ pulled a lot of hair. I need to do something to stop the urge now!!!!

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I'm sorry you're struggling with this. My little sister has struggled with it for a lot of years. Behavioral therapy helped a lot, but the urges are still there. I hope you find something that is successful in helping you!

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@Clearhead the urges are really hard to resist and today i failed to which resulted in having a gap that i have to hide now…i hope so too :frowning: and thank you.

try knitting!
The urge is probably going to be there forever or for a long time at least. I haven't pulled my hair for almost 3 years now and I still have the urge, I still dream about pulling my hair -but it's maybe just me, I'm the only "case" I know apart from what I've read from the internet-.
Try to see it this way: you are not your thoughts or urges. You are the observer of those thoughts and urges and you don't have to act on them.
It's probably not a solution but it can be a start point maybe.

I really hope this helps you. Contact me if you want to, I'll try to help.

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@holdencaulfield i never thought of it this way. sometimes it can be really hard not to give in to the urge tho, it makes me crazy. i would really love some tips from u please and thank you so much<3

The things that helped me the most were:
- "happy calendar": draw a smiley face or put a sticker each day you're able to control the pulling;
- wearing a ponytail or a braid or something like that. something that makes your hair less accessible;
- painting my nails with a vivid colour, so you will realize that your hands are moving towards your hair;

Recently I've started to practise yoga, and it really helps.

Also, as I said, knitting also helps, because it keeps both of your hands busy and the wool is actually similar to hair and it can calm the urge.

I've read in some blogs that it's also useful to have a "safety-friend". Someone you can text when you really really need to pull and that will support you and "give you strenght".

Hope this helps you, xxx.


@Wolf_Girl12124 i cant wear a hat cuz its my eyebrows:(

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