Today we were burning leaves and I watched the thick smoke r

Today we were burning leaves and I watched the thick smoke rise as it went over my head and by my sides. It made me feel boxed in, trapped in the smoke. I felt like I couldn't get out. I don't know why I felt this way. I know I could've just walked right out of it but it just felt like I was trapped there and couldn't move.

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Low self esteem? Maybe it reminded you about your problems?

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@Rollingbean I don’t know. A lot of things have been mAking me feel this way lately.

I have that feeling too heh.
It's that kind of feeling when you can walk straight and see clearly walking on a plank on the ground. But not when it's walking a plank across a skyscraper.

Unseen dangers and imaginations assaulting one endlessly. Blurring up one's mind and vision. Crippled.

I'm interested to listen what you want to say.

@Rollingbean Saturday I went to Ross and My older sister had to go to the bathroom, but she didn’t want to go by herself so I went with her. When we got back there and I noticed the door had a padlock, I watched my sister enter while I had a ton of thoughts run through my head. I told her I wasn’t going in there. The lady back there looked at me strangely. She said it was so pose don’t steal. And my sister kept trying to get me to go behind the door and I burst into tears. For some reason the door scared me to death

Why is there a pad lock? Don't get what you meant by that lady 'so pose'
Could be it resemble a color or shape from horror movies?

I meant to put people lol not pose

It must made you feel. It's a trap.

@Rollingbean it did

I remember the cliché horror movies they always look scary when you don't see it coming. Only when you don't expect it to appear.

Don't worry. Attacks only work when your opponent is distracted.

@Rollingbean yeah